Monday, June 29, 2015

The Bargains -Part1(a)-Ebay beauty bargains !!!

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From today i am starting a new series on my blog called 'The Bargains' .As the tittle suggests it will be all about the different bargains on different products i come across whether in drugstore or online.So today ,part 1(a), is about the Ebay beauty bargains.I will continue this series and will be adding sub-parts to it as i continue to hunt for more and more bargains.Part 1 will always be exclusive to Ebay bargains of any kind.I will further be adding sub parts as we continue,example.. Part1(b),Part1(c) and so on.I will be changing it to Part 2 only if the bargain is from any other place other than ebay.Hope you got it.So if you wanna have a look at only the ebay bargains you can click on part 1 in the labels section.

So today's Ebay beauty bargain is about these amazing makeup brushes i bought from ebay two years ago when i was a newbie in the makeup world.I wanted all the fancy stuff for makeup but still was not prepared to spend 100 of dollars on makeup brushes,since i was in the learning phase.So i decided to buy some makeup brushes from eBay and started searching eBay.I finally came accross these and bought these 4 brushes for $11.

Closer Pics 

  • Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Side Angle

  • Round Top Kabuki brush

I could not find the same seller from whom i purchased but now there are tons of sellers selling these kind of brushes at +eBay .Just attaching a link of one of the random sellers for you guys.You can click here to have a look.

Pros :-

  • Professional Looking
  • Densely packed(You can see in the close up pics above )
  • Uber soft
  • Inexpensive as compared to other brands in the market keeping in mind their quality.
  • They do not shed at all i would say .I wash them pretty often.
  • Even after two years they are still going strong.
  • Still love to use them.
  • Apply makeup amazingly.
  • Available in variety of colors.

Cons :-
  • Take at least three to four weeks to arrive since they are shipped from China.
  • They smell horrible when they arrive but after first wash they do not smell at all.

All in all, i love to use them.Even after having a decent experience on makeup application now , i do not feel the need of buying big brand name makeup brushes , as these solve the purpose.

That's it for this post.I hope you like my new series.Please leave your inputs in the comment section below.Till my very next,always remember to count your blessings and thank GOD.

Thank You all for your support,

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