Monday, August 15, 2016

Milani Earthy Elements Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am sharing my thoughts on the 'Milani Earthy Elements Eyeshadow Palette'.

Price-I bought it from CVS for almost free as i had some extrabucks and store Coupons(No doubt CVS is great for that ).It Retails at most drugstore's like CVS,Walgreens,Target. Walmart etc for  $9.99. You can also purchase it online from here to buy from CVS.It is also available at amazon for $9.97 and that's the cheapest i have found.Click here to buy from amazon.

Packaging -The packaging of Milani’s Products have been one of my favorite’s at the drugstore.The palette has an amazing gold packaging though the lid is plastic and does not seem to be very sturdy from travel point of view yet it is very pretty and looks beautiful on the vanity.It also comes with a brush applicator which is pretty soft and which you could totally use on the go.The only drawback I feel is it lacks a mirror for on the go.

On the back of each palette, there are directions for creating a look and each Shade is labelled according to where it should be placed on the eye. 

Finishes-It has 2 matte shades and the rest of them are satiny shades with hint of shimmer .Only the first beige shade has like noticeable specs of shimmers .

Quality-I feel almost all the colors have beautiful pigmentation except the lightest shimmery beige shade which is gritty and sheer, swatched below. It has very warm neutral shades which are quite up my ally. I would just buy this palette for that middle terracotta shade. Rest of the shades swatch beautifully, blend amazingly.

Lasting Power-The eyeshadows lasted on my lids for good eight hours with a primer.

Overall, for the price I totally love this palette and totally recommend it!!

RRWS Rating-8/10

That’s it for this post,till my next, remember not to hurt anyone and be happy !!


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