Sunday, July 17, 2016

Aliexpress Haul and Review !!!

Hi All,

Today I am sharing with you all a haul from AliExpress.If you have not heard about this site let me first give you a little information on this site. AliExpress ,is a subsidiary of ,which allows small buyers to buy small quantities of goods at wholesale prices.I was initially very skeptical of buying from this site but still thought to give it a try.So today I wanted to share with you all my experience.Lets first get into the stuff I ordered :-


First thing that I ordered was a handbag that looked very 

similar to the famous Stella McCartney Falabella Fold-Over 


To purchase click here.

Above is the picture of the handbag I got.

It looks very similar to the original except the brand name.

Quality-I liked the material of the bag .It is soft and does not 

look cheap at all .Inside the lining is of fabric material and 

has an animal print.

The handles/straps are made of chain.The material of the 

chain is very light and it is here where I think the quality of 

the bag falls short.

Stitching-I was not so impressed by the stitching of the bag 

and there were some loose threads popping out which I had 

to cut.I did raise this with the seller and he refunded $5 for 

it,which I thought was reasonable.

Price I paid-$26 (Free Shipping)

For the price I think it is a nice bag but one that I may use 

only for a couple of months.

RRWS Rating-7/10

2.Makeup Brushes

I ordered some Replicas of the Sigma brushes .

Quality-The quality of these brushes is amazing and I would 

start out by saying that I love them and totally 

recommend them.They have been through a couple of 

vigorous washing cycles and none of them had shed on 

me.Only the brush #F40 had some extra bristles popping out 

which I just pulled off by hand.Being a sucker for good 

,cheap makeup brushes I am one who keeps on constantly 

buying new brushes.Keeping in mind that I have tons of them

 I am constantly reaching out for these and I think that says a lot.

Pricing-I do not think that they are by anyway the cheapest in

 the market but they are a very good deal for the price I paid.

Comparison-I am by no means comparing their quality to the 

originals as I do not own any Sigma brushes but I am 

definitely comparing them to the drugstore brushes like Real 

Techniques,Elf,Wet N Wild etc.

Lets ,one by one ,look at the brushes I got.

Brush #E35-Tapered Blending Brush

Price I paid-$1.96(Free Shipping)

To purchase click here.

Brush #E45-Small Tapered Blending Brush

Price I paid-$1.97(Free Shipping)

To purchase click here.

Brush #E65-Small Angle Brush

Price I paid-$1.97(Free Shipping)

To purchase click here.

Brush #F40-Large Angled Contour Brush

Price I paid-$3.70(Free Shipping)

To purchase click here.

RRWS Rating-9/10

All the Brushes have Sigma Printed on them and they came 

in plastic packaging .The brushes had Sigma printed on one 

side and patent pending on the other side on the 

ferules of the brushes if you can see that in the pictures below.

Experience with AliExpress

I had also ordered another set of Sigma brushes from other 

seller but somehow it got lost in transit.I raised the matter to 

the seller who very quickly refunded me the full 

amount.I am very satisfied with the dealing.

Also I got both the packages(the bag and the brushes ) within

 2 weeks of ordering them which I thought was pretty good 

keeping in mind they are shipped from China.Both the Bag 

and the brushes were packaged in a bubble bag.

Overall I quiet like buying from this site but the products may

 be hits or misses.You have to carefully shop from sellers 

who have a good rating and large number of orders.I can go

on and on ,on how to shop but that can surely be on another 


That’s it for this one,till my next.stay happy and hope you 

enjoyed my haul.

P.S- All the products were purchased by my own money .My 

Opinions are truly based on my experience.



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Friday, July 1, 2016

Tarte Buffer Brush Dupe - Review !!!

Hi Girlz,

Today I am back with another amazing bargain from ebay to share it with you all and it is the dupe for the ‘Tarte Bamboo Buffer Brush’

Price – The Original brush retails for $34 but the dupe is for $3.81 isn't that amazing and it also has Tarte imprinted on the handle.You can CLICK HERE for purchase.

Quality- I do not own the original but have felt the bristle’s at Sephora a couple of times and believe me you guys they feel exactly the same.The bristle’s are very densely packed and are super soft .The brush is very sturdy.I have washed this brush multiple times and have not notice any shedding while washing or application.The Ferrule of the brush is still holding strong.

Application- I used this brush to apply my Loreal Lumi foundation and it did an amazing job and applied the foundation evenly with no streakiness whatsoever.Since it is a fairly large size brush it covers a big area of the face at one time and thus makes application of foundation very quick and easy.I have also applied powder foundation with it and it did apply the powder pretty evenly.

RRWS Rating- 10/10 since I did not find anything that I could change about this brush.

Overall I really recommend you guys to give this brush a shot ,it being so budget friendly.I really don’t think that you have to spend 100 of dollars on brushes when you can achieve the same look with decently priced brushes.

That’s it for this you guys,till my next,have a fantastic 4th of july.


P.S - The brush was purchased by my own money and opinions expressed are purely based on my experience.

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