Sunday, June 7, 2015

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay !

I am starting out my blog with the base of makeup which, I believe, is skincare. So lets get our canvas ready for a beautiful picture. Today, as the title implies, I am reviewing the 'Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay '.Its a Deep Pore Cleansing clay.I have been using this for the past three years.


I picked it up from Vitamin Shoppe. It is also available .

Click here to purchase it from Vitamin Shoppe

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On the clay box it suggest that it should be used with apple cider vinegar but I find apple cider vinegar to be too harsh for my combo to dry skin .So I use it with drinking water. If you have oily skin you can try using it with apple cider vinegar.

I have a combo skin, mostly dry with oily t-zone ,and is acne prone. My skin is very sensitive too. For the past four years I have been trying various face mask but I did not see results as good as I saw with the Indian healing clay. It did a really great job in clearing up my skin and keeping acne at bay.

Method of application-Mix a tablespoon of the clay with enough drinking water or apple cider vinegar if you have super oily skin to make a paste like consistency. Do not use a metal bowl.Apply it onto the face with a clean brush (I use my hands).

This is how the clay looks dry:-

After making a paste which is not too thick nor thin:-

When first applied on the face ,it looks like this :-

After it gets dry, looks like this :-

Let it dry. On drying it will pulsate a little. Then wash with water. Do not forget to moisture your face after washing cause it tends to be a little drying.

Another way in which you can use this is on your stomach postpartum. After delivery the skin on the stomach tends to sag. Mix Indian healing with a teaspoon of black tea , a teaspoon of coffee, few drops of witch hazel and lavender oil and cover your stomach with this mask. This helps to tighten the loose skin on the stomach.

I try to use the mask atleast twice a week .Be sure to do a patch test if you decide to give this mask a try. Also keep in mind that products work differently on different type of skin so please share your experience with me.

Have a great day and keep smiling .. :)


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