Monday, June 29, 2015

The Bargains -Part1(a)-Ebay beauty bargains !!!

Hi Girlz,

From today i am starting a new series on my blog called 'The Bargains' .As the tittle suggests it will be all about the different bargains on different products i come across whether in drugstore or online.So today ,part 1(a), is about the Ebay beauty bargains.I will continue this series and will be adding sub-parts to it as i continue to hunt for more and more bargains.Part 1 will always be exclusive to Ebay bargains of any kind.I will further be adding sub parts as we continue,example.. Part1(b),Part1(c) and so on.I will be changing it to Part 2 only if the bargain is from any other place other than ebay.Hope you got it.So if you wanna have a look at only the ebay bargains you can click on part 1 in the labels section.

So today's Ebay beauty bargain is about these amazing makeup brushes i bought from ebay two years ago when i was a newbie in the makeup world.I wanted all the fancy stuff for makeup but still was not prepared to spend 100 of dollars on makeup brushes,since i was in the learning phase.So i decided to buy some makeup brushes from eBay and started searching eBay.I finally came accross these and bought these 4 brushes for $11.

Closer Pics 

  • Flat Top Kabuki Brush

Side Angle

  • Round Top Kabuki brush

I could not find the same seller from whom i purchased but now there are tons of sellers selling these kind of brushes at +eBay .Just attaching a link of one of the random sellers for you guys.You can click here to have a look.

Pros :-

  • Professional Looking
  • Densely packed(You can see in the close up pics above )
  • Uber soft
  • Inexpensive as compared to other brands in the market keeping in mind their quality.
  • They do not shed at all i would say .I wash them pretty often.
  • Even after two years they are still going strong.
  • Still love to use them.
  • Apply makeup amazingly.
  • Available in variety of colors.

Cons :-
  • Take at least three to four weeks to arrive since they are shipped from China.
  • They smell horrible when they arrive but after first wash they do not smell at all.

All in all, i love to use them.Even after having a decent experience on makeup application now , i do not feel the need of buying big brand name makeup brushes , as these solve the purpose.

That's it for this post.I hope you like my new series.Please leave your inputs in the comment section below.Till my very next,always remember to count your blessings and thank GOD.

Thank You all for your support,

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Vasanti Brighten Up Exfoliating Cleanser review !

Hi Girlz,

Today i am sharing with you all my thoughts on the 'Vasanti Brighten Up Exfoliating Cleanser ' which i got in my Birchbox for the month of May 2015.Please click here to see the full post for Birchbox.

Just to give you a background of my skin type,i have pretty reactive skin and it reacts to anything harsh.Its dry ,acne and rosacea prone skin.So i use very mild cleansers and exfoliators on my skin.

Vasanti Brighten Up Exfoliating Cleanser is enriched with Papaya,micro-crystals and aloe .The sample i received in the birchbox has 20g of product. It is Paraben free and Sulfate free.It is 99 % natural.It is made in Canada.

Vasanti Brighten Up Exfoliating Cleanser claims to brighten up with powerful papaya enzymes to give radiance.It claims to dramatically improve your skin's texture.

My experience-I have used it a few times now.It is recommended to use a pea size amount but i ended up using more than that ,may be twice the pea size but i still feel that 20g of product will last me a long time as i use it twice a week.I use it with my fingers and massage it over my face for 2 to 3 minutes and then i just wash it off. Its micro-beads are as fine as fine salt.The exfoliator is white in color and has a sticky consistency.

A little tip is that if you have very sensitive skin like mine just use it over wet face.Always remember that if you want a gentle exfoliation use the exfoliator over wet skin as using over dry skin will give you a harsh exfoliation.After washing off my face with this ,my skin feels rejuvenated as the cleanser claims.
It is as good as getting a professional facial.It comes in a tube.I love its packaging as it is very sanitary to use and dispenses just the right amount of product.Also its easy to store in the shower.The only thing that i did not like about product is the smell. It has a very strong lemon cleanser kind of smell which is a little off putting.But i can bear with it keeping in mind what it does for my skin.

After using this my skin felt baby soft ,healthy looking and just wonderful.My skin did not feel dry at all after using it.

Overall by now you must have guessed it that i love the product and totally recommend it.It is an amazing product.If you decide to give this product a try ,please share your experience in the comment section below.

That's it for today,till my next,be happy and spend alteast 20 minutes a day just with yourself.It feels amazing.. :)


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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser And Lotion Review !

Hi Girlz,

Today i am sharing with you guys the cleanser and facial lotion i have been using for the past three and a half years now .I want to give you guys a brief background on my skin type. I have an acne prone ,sensitive skin with rosacea.So with all those skin issues combined ,i just cannot use any cleansers with acne fighting salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide , as it reacts adversely with rosacea prone skin.So after trying a ton of drugstore and prescription cleansers , i finally got hooked to this skincare regime.I incorporate both these products in my skincare regime both morning and evening.

First lets look into the facial cleanser that i use.I use the 'Cerave hydrating cleanser' for Normal to dry skin.It has 12 Fl Oz of product and retails for $ 8.09 at my local walmart.It comes with a pump which i feel is very sanitary and easy to use.It has a milky white gel like consistency and on mixing it with water it does not lather up.

Among other ingredients it has ceramides and hyaluronic acid which helps to retain moisture in the skin,which is very important for dry ,rosacea prone skin.It has helped me to a great extent to not only keep my acne and rosacea at bay but also prevents my skin from drying.After washing my face with the cleanser , my face feels moisturized and does not feel dry at all.

After using this cleanser,i moisture my face with the 'Cerave moisturizing lotion' for normal to dry skin.This lotion also has the ceramides and hyaluronic acid technology which helps further repair the skin.It also has 12 Fl Oz of product and retails for $9.14 at my local walmart.It also comes with a pump and is a white creamy lotion.

You need a very little amount of lotion to moisture your entire face.After first applying , it takes a little while to get absorbed into the skin ,leaving the skin very soft and supple.

This moisturizer also acts a makeup primer and i do not use any other primer to prep my skin for applying my makeup.Also when i use this combo of cleanser and moisturizer at night ,in the morning my skin feels extremely soft .

Both these products are easily available at drugstores like walmart,walgreens,cvs,target etc as well as online .

Hope my experience with these products help someone who is battling with rosacea ,dry and acne prone skin.Also please keep in mind that different products react differently on different type of individuals.I also use a face mask few times a week in conjunction with these products ,which i have already reviewed on my blog.If you missed out on that post you can click here to see that.

Do share your experiences in the comments section below ,if you decide to give these products a try.

That's it for this one,till my very next,Share love , happiness and stay positive.


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Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Haul !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am sharing my weekend haul with you all.I have recently diagnosed myself with chronic problem of shopping disorder. I am sure most of you know what i mean as we share it ,right? So keeping that in mind i did not go overboard with the shopping part this weekend.I picked up a few things from Target and then a few from CVS.I love the CVS extra bucks so whenever i have some extrabucks i usually end up not only using them but looking out for other stuff as well to buy.

First thing that i wanted to try for a long time now are these ELF makeup remover cleansing cloths.I have heard a lot of good things about them.I usually use Neutrogena one's (Love them) so just wanted to try some other for the comparison sake.I will be doing a comparison between them and some other soon.They Retail for $3.

I also picked up the ELF smudge Pot in the shade 'Brownie points' for $3.I basically want to use these as a base for my eye shadows. I did use it over the weekend and loved it .The smudge pot is extremely creamy. It stays put throughout the day without creasing .Also i used my coastal scents hot pots on it and the eyeshadow stayed put all throughout the day.

This is the swatch of the ELF smudge Pot in the shade 'Brownie points' .

Then i picked up the ELF Lip Exfoliator for $3 .Will be testing out and will let you know what i think of it.

Then from CVS i picked up this Milani Lipstick in the shade 'Teddy Bare' No.29 for $5.99.Really love the packaging of this lipstick.OMG you guys this shade is just lovely .Its a Brown lipstick with pink undertones and the lipstick is so hydrating and moisturizing.I am completely blown away with the formula of this lipstick as this is my first purchase from their line.

This is how the shade looks of my lips.

Top pic is with the flash and the bottom one is without the flash.

Lastly i picked up a Milani Bella eyes Gel Powder eyeshadow in the shade 'Bella Bronze' no.24 for $4.49. And once again i have fallen in love with this eyeshadow.The formula and the fact that it stayed on my eyelid all day made me go gaga over it..Its such a gorgeous bronze shade true to its name.Its Vibrant,longwearing and blendable.Reminds me of my eyeshadows in Lorac pro palette.

Swatch of the eyeshadow on my arm.

So that's all for this haul.Hope you guys enjoyed the haul and my mini reviews.Till my very next,Love yourself and enjoy life.


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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jeune Paris lip glaze review !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am reviewing the Jeune Paris lip glaze that i bought from Kmart for $3.99 in the shade 'Beach'.

I was intrigued to try this as it looked very similar to Stila Lip Glaze. Below is a picture of both of them,Stila lipglaze and Jeune Lipglaze ,side by side from left to right.

Stila Lip glaze ,as per their website, comes in 23 shades and contains 0.08 fl.oz worth of product .You can click here to see the shades.

Jeune Paris Lip Glaze comes in 4 shades and contains 0.05 fl.oz worth of product.You can click here to see the shades.

You can see that both of them have the same type of 'click pen' design where you rotate the bottom part of the lipglaze and it makes a click sound and then the product can be seen coming out from in between the bristles of the brush tip applicator,which both of them have.

Below is the picture of the stila brush applicator.

Below is the picture of the brush applicator of Jeune Paris Lip Glaze.

This is how the shade 'Beach ' looks of my lips.It gives a sheer tint of color similar to what i get from the stila's.They both have exactly the same texture of gloss,slightly sticky and dry feeling .

Stila Lip glaze has a faint smell whereas Jeune Lip glaze has no smell .

Both of them last only till the first sip of a drink .After that i have to re-apply.

Overall for such an affordable price i really liked the Jeune Lip Glaze and i would definitely call them dupes of each other for the product in them and for their packaging but the shades that i have tried from them are not dupes of each other.

That's it for this one,till my next,forgive and forget and keep smiling.


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Thursday, June 18, 2015

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC + Cream review !

Hi Girlz,
 I have been trying the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ cream for a few months now and  I thought it was about time i would share my thoughts about it.

It's available in a wider range of shades from light to dark.There are 5 shades available at Ulta.You can click here to see.

I noticed in the ingredients list that it contains snail secretion as one of the top ingredients ,so i knew immediately that it will be moisturizing for my dry to combo skin.

I picked up the small travel size of it from Ulta for $15. The price of the full size is $38 at ulta.I like the fact that the full size comes with a pump .Pump obviously is not available on the travel size,it comes in a squeeze tube. 

Coverage and smell - This claims to be a full coverage color correcting CC Cream that contains an anti-aging serum and a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50+ according to the brand.On me it had a medium coverage as i could see some redness peeking through .It has a subtle citrus scent.In the picture below i am wearing this CC cream .You can see it reflects light back in flash photography as it contains SPF.

Texture and application-It has a rich ,creamy and thick texture.

After first application it has a dewy finish but after sometime it dries further to a satin finish.I prefer my Real Techniques beauty sponge to apply this as my kabuki brush gives a very streaky finish with this product.The formula is emollient but i would still recommend priming the face for even application of the product as it has a thick texture. Even for drier skin ,i would recommend it to set it with a powder.

In the ingredients List i could see a lot of ingredients including vitamins A, C, B, and E, and tons of other brilliant stuff for your skin ,but i did not like the fact that the list of ingredients was so long.As for the benefits to the skin,i did not see any miracle's happening.I have a sensitive,acne prone skin and i am extremely satisfied that it reacted well with my skin. 
 Medium was a perfect selection for my skin tone . For reference i am in the shade 155 in Makeupforever HD foundation.
Wear time- It stayed put on my combination skin (am very dry on the rest of my face except my T-Zone which is oily ) for around 3 to 4 hrs and that too in high humidity as i tried it in Tampa,FL after which my redness started peeking through all the more.  
Final recommendation-Would recommend it for dry ,combination skin type as well as aging skin as it is extra moisturizing. Its definitely for days you just don't feel like wearing a foundation.. :)
That it for this post today,till my next,share love and stay blessed.

Please share your experience with this product if you have tried it.Would love to hear from you girlz.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams review !!

Hi girlz,

Last weekend i went to kmart and picked up a couple of things as you must have seen in my post for the haul.You can click here to see that post if you missed out on that.

So along with a few other things ,i picked up Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams.That day i could find only three shades on their display and i picked up two shades from left to right (1)Nude Indulgence and (2)Natural Beauty.

I paid $2.99 for each.

Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams are lippies that apply with a glossy finish, and dry to a comfy matte finish.They come in 6 natural and bold shades as per their website.

Out of the two shades i picked up,i only like one of them for my skin tone.The other one looks a little off on me.

This is a lip swatch of Nude Indulgence.

This is a lip swatch of natural Beauty.I am not so fond of this shade.In real life it looks way brighter.

DESIGN -I like the flat design of the tube of these Lip Velvet’s since they don’t take up a lot of space and can lay flat, leaving room in my beauty drawers or travel bags for other beauty product i might want to store or travel with.

ACTUAL product and application- The Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams have a long flat doe-foot applicator that picks up product on both sides making it easy to apply on your lips.With this kind of applicator i feel that it picks up way more product than you actually need.You have to be a little careful while application ,so it does not bleed because of excess product application.I like to apply it to my lower or upper lip and then i just close my lips together for even application.I hope you got what i mean.

This is how the applicator looks ;-

The Lip Creams are pigmented! I can’t believe how saturated in color they are. Love that! They are extremely creamy and not at all tacky but what i do not like is the smell that it has.If you are not bothered about the smell you will love it.

As for longevity, they last a long time. After eating and drinking ,they left a stain on my lips.

Below are some swatches on my arm to give you an idea about the stain it leaves.
On intial application-

Then i rubbed off the shades with a facial tissue and this is how the stain looks-

Then finally i did the soap test (applied soap and water on these swatches ) you can see in the picture below,the stain is still there.

My final opinion:

I agree with the claims on their website that they are creamy, and the colors are bold. Unfortunately, from the two lippies I can only use one.I really love the shade nude indulgence as it looks nice on my skin tone. I’m just glade that the retail value of the Velvet Lip Creams are only $2.99. I’m still tempted to purchase some of the other shades because they are affordable and I really like my experience with --- except the smell.

Overall, I recommend the Velvet Lip Cream in Nude Indulgence. It’s a gorgeous everyday nude .I think you’re going to love it.

Where to buy:

Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams are available for purchase at Rite Aid, Kmart, and Bonita Colors .

If you have tried these do share your experience with me in the comments below.I would love that.

Thats all for this one,till my very next, loads of love and stay blessed.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Number 4 Lumiere dhiver Super Comb Prep & Protect hair spray review !

Hi beauties,

Today i am reviewing the Number 4 Lumiere dhiver Super Comb Prep & Protect hair spray.

This is a 30 ml hair spray bottle which i got in my Birchbox for the month of May 2015.If you missed out on that post,please click here to see that post in detail.

I have used this product a couple of times now.

How i use it- After shampooing my hair i let my hair towel dry for 15 mins and then ,when all the water is soaked up , i first apply a few drops of argan oil .After letting the argan oil soak up completely in my hair ,i then spray this on my hair as a leave in conditioner.It does a great job of detangling my frizzy,dry hair.

I have waist length, wavy and dry hair. This product helps to define my wavy hair without making them crunchy or frizzy. I don't feel that it really conditions my dry locks all that well but it really does help with definition.

This product smells wonderful and my hubby loves its fragrance too(which is very unusual) which is a bonus -win win situation you see.. ;)

My only complaint is that I wish it conditioned my hair just a little bit more.

Will i buy it again- May be as an add on product it is good to have but not a must have.There are other cheaper alternatives in the market that i would like to try out ,as you know i am a budget girl.. :)

Please share your favorite hairsprays in the comment section below.I would love that.

Ok girlz ,thats it for this post. Till my next stay blessed,happy and positive.


Friday, June 12, 2015

Kmart Haul !!

Hi style bees,

Today i just wanted to share with you all a small haul.Last weekend i went to Kmart and picked up a few things.

As i entered the beauty section of Kmart i saw the display for Bonita Colors velvet lip creams and i had to try them.

Below are the pics of the two shades i picked up from there line .

Shade name from left to right -Nude Indulgence and Natural Beauty. They were for $ 2.99 each.

I also picked up this lipglaze from 'Jeune Paris' in the shade 'beach'.I have never heard of this brand before.I was intrigued by its appearance as this looked a lot like the stila lipglaze .The price of the lip glaze was $3.99 .

Then i picked up a WET N WILD megalast lipstick in the shade 'Bare it all ' for $ 1.99 .


I love my nude lipsticks and i just can't have enough of them.So i really wanted to try a lipstick from the 'Jordana Modern matte collection' so i picked up the Jordana matte lipstick in the shade '02-Matte Blush ' for $2.49 .

So those were the few things i picked up.I will be sharing with you all , my experience with all of them individually soon.So stay tuned for that.

That's it for today,till my next post, as always stay blessed and try to make at least one person happy around you daily.This will create positivity within you and bring happiness in your life.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Makeup Brushes orgainzation on a budget !

Hi my beauties,

Today I am sharing with you the way I have been organizing my makeup brushes recently.

Recently I picked up these really cute metal baskets from the Target dollar section and I have been enjoying using them as my brush holders.

Here is how they look

For $1 you just can't beat their cuteness and their versatility as they can also be used for holding lipsticks,eyeliner etc.

I really like organizing on a budget,how about you ? Do share your organizing ideas with me.

Hope you enjoyed this post.Till my next,keep smiling and be happy and positive !