Friday, July 31, 2015

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Review and Swatches !!

Hi Girlz,

Today as the tittle suggests,this post is all about the Coastal Scents Hot pots.I have been using these Hot pots for the past one year now.I am a big sucker for good eyeshadows and whenever a new brand pops up at the drugstore,I am always inclined to try their eyeshadows(I certainly do not need more ).

Even though its not a new product , I love them so much ,that I could not stop myself from sharing my thoughts on them with you guys.

Availabilty –They are only available at .I really wish we had an access to the coastalscents makeup at the drugstore’s..sighhhh!!

Finishes-These Hot Pots comes in a variety of shade range and three different type of finishes.They come in Shimmer,Satin and Matte finishes.

Price-These retail for $1.95 each for 0.05oz of product(same as that of a MAC eyeshadows) .The good thing is that coastal scents often has sale on these Hot Pots and you can get them for as low as 99 cents.I did get all of mine at the time of sale.So that’s a real bargain for the quality of the HOT POTS.


Top Left to Right

Mai Tai-Beautiful Taupe,Mauve ,shimmer(My fav).
Spiceberry-Burgundy red with satin finish.
Bottom Left to right

Chamois Nude-Cream color matte eyeshadow with peachy undertone.

Root Beer-Dark brown eyeshadow with satin finish.

Top Left to Right

Amaretto-Reddish brown shimmery eyeshadow
Kiwi Green-Green eyeshadow with light golden shimmers.
Bottom Left To right

Peachy Copper-True copper with shimmers.
Thulian Pink-Frosty pink eyeshadow with shimmers

Top Left To Right

Tanzanite-Deep Blue eyeshadow with satin finish
Rainstorm-Blackish blue eyeshadow with shimmer finish

Bottom Left to Right

Sea Quest-Beautiful Light sea green eyeshadow with silver shimmers.

Amber Bronze-Rustic Bronzy eyeshadow with shimmers.

Quality-Hot Pots have often been compared to the MAC eyeshadows as people have often found dupes of their MAC eyeshadows in these Hot Pots.These eyeshadows are soft,creamy and not chalky at all except the matte one(which is a little chalky ).They blend easily and are not patchy at all.The eyshadows are pigmented but the only thing I feel is that the pigments show much better with an eyeshadow base on.So I highly recommend applying  an eyeshadow primer underneath.

Overall-I highly recommend you guys to pick up some of them on sale as for the price ,these are some great affordable eyeshadows with specially an eyeshadow base.

That’s it for this one,till my very next,remember you can keep other’s happy only if you are happy.So treat yourself sometimes and keep yourself happy.


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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PINCHme Box Review !!

Hi Girlz,

A month ago Pinch me sent me some products for testing purposes.Today i am sharing my view on those.All the products came in the beautiful box,very well packed.

Lets get started.

1.Mr.Bubble 3 in 1 Body wash,shampoo and Conditioner-I really like it as a body wash .But i cannot use the same product on my hair.My hair is very frizzy and requires a lot of conditioning.This does not provides enough conditioning for my hair but as a body wash its excellent.Its fun to take bath with it ,as it gives lots of bubble's.It surely will be a great product for the Kids.

2.Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant-Totally lives up to the claim of 'Goes on dry and stays dry'.Since the time i got it,i carry it in my purse on the go.I apply it in the morning and its stays all day.Love It.My skin is sensitive and i get rashes from solid deo's but this one did not give me any rashes.I am happy i got this.

3.Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin therapy Cream-This Cream has Vitamin A,C & E, that i really like about it.It has almost no scent to it.I applied it on my heels and they felt great.It is very moisturizing .I would say its a good product for people with dry skin but not people with oily skin.Overall,a product that suits my dry skin.People with eczema are going to love this.

4.Skinfix Hand Repair Cream-It claims to be clinically proven to treat dry cracked skin & eczema but unfortunately it did not do anything for my dry skin.I used it for a whole week with no results at all.It claims that it is fragrance free but for me it had an odd medicinal smell.

This Box from Pinch me was absolutely free.You to can have your own box of goodies by joining pinch me too.Click here to see how it works.

That's it for this post,keep your eyes peeled for my next.


P.S-View expressed are honest ,based on my personal experience and are no way influenced by the fact that the products were sent to me for testing purposes.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

European Union Readers Viewing My Blog... This Blog Has COOKIES!

Hi Beauties,

Google has informed me that my blog has been getting 

views from Europe and the EU has strict cookie laws. I'm 

required by Google Policies to let you know that my site has

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on your browser. I love my blog so I'm doing everything to 

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 people of Europe, this site has Cookies!

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Hope this helps,


Monday, July 27, 2015


Hi Beauties,

I am so excited for today's post as its is about a new Brand ' J.CAT BEAUTY'. We all have been waiting for this brand to be available at Ulta.So its here finally and i had to grab some of the stuff to try it .

So today i am sharing my thoughts on the 'J.Cat Beauty Liptitude 24/7 Hydrating Lip Stain' in the shade LLS 115'.Great thing about J.Cat is that they are cruelty free and free of all parabens! 

Price and Availability-They retails for $5.99 at Ulta and  on's Website.Available now at select Ulta's.

Shade Range-On beauty website it is available in 14 shades.You can have a look here .At Ulta i did not see the complete shade range that is available online at's website.There were around 7 shades to choose from at the Ulta Store.

Packaging-I really find the Liptitude's packaging to be very similar to the Benefits Cosmetics 'Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain'.

Smell and feel-It has a pepperminty smell .They feel a little cool when applied .It's not uncomfortable in any way.

Lip Swatches of the shade LLS115

In Daylight with flash

In Daylight-No Flash

Swatches Indoors

Quality-According to the brand,they are supposed to be hydrating matte lips stains.They Live up to their claim of being hydrating. I found them to be a little glossy ,compared to the recent matte liquid lipsticks that have been popping up at the drugstore example-the 'Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme' that i reviewed here on my blog.You can click here if you missed out on that post.These Liptitude's are highly pigmented.You can get the full opacity of the color in just one swipe.They go on very smooth and are not streaky or patchy in any way.

Soap and Water Test-After washing it with soap and water ,the liptitude still leaves a stain .

Applicator-The applicator is flat and a little stiff but still applies the color beautifully.

Overall- I really like them .They are a high quality product at an affordable price.I will definitely recommend you guys to at least try one of the shades of these Liptitude 's.And do not forget to use the Ulta coupons on these.

That's it for this post,till my next,thank GOD everyday for giving you a new day.



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Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Bargains-Part 3(A)-TJMAXX Bargains !!

Hi Girlz,

This is a quick post on the Bargains i recently spotted at TJMAXX..You all know by now that i love it when i find highend products at a bargain.So without further delay lets get into the details.

1.Makeup Forever HD primer-I was most excited to find this product as i love the MUFE HD foundation,so i really wanted to try the primer in this line.
This is available at TJMAXX for $ 5.99 for 0.5 fl oz.

2.CLINIQUE even better clinical dark spot corrector-Available for $40 for 1.7 Fl oz.

3.OPI Nail Lacquers -Who does not love some OPI nail lacquers and specially when you get them at a bargain like this.Available for $7.99 for a pack of two.

4.Dermablend quick fix illuminator -Available for $14.99 for 0.05 fl oz(Sorry for the blurry pic)

5.Rimmel lasting finish 25 hour foundation-Available in a lot of shades -for $2.99-1fl oz.

6.Bliss Steep Clean mattifying toner pads-Available for $8 for 50 pads. 

7.Bliss The Youth Anti Aging eye cream-Available for $15 for 0.5 fl oz.

That's it for this quick post,till my very next,happy weekend.


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Thursday, July 23, 2015

OZ Naturals 5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Vitamin C ' -Review !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am sharing my thoughts on the 'OZ Naturals 5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Vitamin C '.

I have been using this regular and so really wanted to share my thoughts.


The Serum is 100 % vegan,cruelty free and is made in USA.


  • Plums & Hydrates Dry dull skin.
  • Assists in balancing skin moisture levels
  • Diminishes surface lines and wrinkles by stimulating collegen

Price and Availability-It is available at Amazon for around $15.79 .You can click here to buy it.

Ingredients remain 98% natural and 72% organic. Organic 

Aloe, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel, Kosher 

Vegetable Glycerin, MSM, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, 

Carrageenan Gum, Organic Jojoba Oil, Wildcrafted Green

Tea, Geranium Essential Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Sodium 

Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin.


Hyaluronic Acid. A naturally-occurring acid capable of 1,000 

times its own weight in water, this ingredient works by 

hydrating and moisturizing your skin. 

Vitamin C. An antioxidant, this primary ingredient works by 

combatting free radicals, supporting natural collagen 

production, and protecting from environmental aggressors.

Wild Crafted Green Tea is a super-antioxidant and anti-

inflammatory ingredient which helps to calm the skin and 

reduce puffiness and swelling. It also has anti-carcinogenic 

properties which may help to protect the skin from skin 

cancer growth. This super ingredient also prevents collagen 

breakdown and reduces UV damage to the skin.

Vitamin E promotes the circulation of blood to the skin, 

strengthens capillary walls, nourishes the cells & helps to 

heal the skin naturally. As Vitamin E is absorbed by the 

epidermis layer of the skin, and is used to treat scars, acne, 

and wrinkles because it speeds up cell regeneration. This 

creates an anti-aging effect which makes the skin look years 


Overview of my skin-I have a dry skin with oily Tzone .My 

skin is sensitive and acne prone.

Application-I apply it regularly once a day (usually at night ) 

after washing my face with my facewash. Then i pat dry and 

apply this serum and let it sit for a few minutes ,so that all 

the goodness get absorbed by my skin and finish off by 

applying my moisturizer.

Results-It moisturizes and hydrates my skin very well.I have 

seen a reduction in my under eye puffiness .My fine lines 

around the corner of my eyes are much

less noticeable.There is a slight tightening 

tingling feeling after apply it to my clean face.It does 

not sting or burn ,just has a tightening type of feeling.My 

skin has a little more glow.It truly lives upto its claims.

Overall-I am very happy with the results and totally

recommend the product.The benefits are great compared to

the price.Its so affordable.I received this complimentary for 

testing purposes.Views expressed are totally based on my


That's it for this one,till my very next,take care


"Powered by BrandBacker".

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hi Girlz,

Today i am sharing my thoughts on the New 'Milani Limited Edition Amore Matte Lip Creme' in the shade 'Lust '.This Limited edition collection is exclusive to Walgreens(Update-Its now available at CVS store's ,Milani's website and walmart also).To purchase from Walmart you can Click Here.I had to really hunt 6 different Walgreens for this collection as at most of the walgreens it was either sold out or the shade i wanted to buy was not available.I am all about neutrals so i had to try the shade 'Lust' as the rest were a little too bold for me.

Price-These retail for around $8 each (Updated) 

Shade Range-There are 8 different color shades available in this collection.

Formula-They are described as "Long-wearing, richly-

pigmented, liquid lipstick with a smooth matte finish."

Applicator-They have an applicator that is flat on both the 

sides and picks product on both the side's of the wand.They 

have the same applicator as the Bonita colors velvet lip 

creme's i reviewed earlier.If you missed out on that you can 

click here to see.

Smell-It has a sweet vanilla scent to it. 

Lip Swatch in daylight

Lip Swatch in artificial light

My experience -I am glad that they do not have that 

heavy,velvety feel to it as most other liquid lipsticks 

have.They are very light and liquidy.I found the Liquid Lip 

Creme to be opaque and not at all drying ,keeping in mind 

that they are Matte.They are not sticky at all.Also they 

lasted on my lips with light eating and drinking for 6 to 8 hrs 

.They did not wear off patchy .Another thing i liked about 

them is that after drying ,they did not transfer.After heavy

eating and drinking it did wear off but left a stain on my lips.

Cons-There is only one downside i could find with 

them.I would definitely recommend to exfoliate your lips 

before wearing them.Personally i have dry lips and i could 

see that when i did not exfoliate my lips it would cling to my 

dry patches.

Overall-I am in love with this liquid lip creme and would 

totally recommend.I am glad that now we have 

some affordable and easily available options for liquid 


Do not forget to join me on Instagram as i post a lot of deals

 there daily. I would love your support there too as much i 

do it here.

That's it for this one,till my very next,let things go and make 

your life simple.

Keep Smiling,


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