Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Shadow and Liner Trip Review & Swatches !!!

Hi Girls,

Today i am reviewing the 'Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Shadow and Liner Trio' in the shade 'Nude Eyes'.

Availability- These are available at the drugstore's/beauty store's like Ulta,cvs,Walgreen's etc

Price - The price may vary across store's .For Example they retail for $11.99 at Ulta but at CVS they retail for $12.79

Packaging - The packaging of these eyeshadows is in a gorgeous rose gold pot.

Shade Selection - They come in two shade's Nude and Smoky.

Pigmentation and Texture -They are not extremely pigmented but still the color does shows up on the eyelid.It has shimmers but by no means it is overly shimmery.The shimmers are very fine and are not chunky at all.Also the shimmers do not fall out on applying or during the day.The shadows have a very creamy texture.They are marketed as to be used as eyeshadows and eyeliner but personally i don't like to use them as eyeliners since they tend to smudge.
With this particular shade i feel that the color if applied together tend to blend away in each other.The eyeshadows individually blend well on the lid.The color on the extreme left in the pic below is a little patchy.

Application - I like to apply these eyeshadows with the finger as i found it harder to apply with a brush.I tried it with a synthetic bristle brush and it was a pain to apply.So the best tools for these are your fingers.

Longevity - These eyeshadows lasted on my eyelids for about 6 hrs without creasing with a primer.

RRWS (Rashi's Rendezvous with Style ) Rating -  7/10 keeping in mind all the factors mentioned above.

That's it for this one,till my next one, change is simple word to say and difficult to implement.Try focusing on changing at least one of your habits that you don't like.

P.S - These were sent to me by the company.Views expressed are honest and based on my experience with the product as always.


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Monday, January 18, 2016

REVIEW - O'Keeffe's Company Working Hand Cream !!

Hi Girlz,

Today ,as the caption suggests , i am reviewing the " O'Keeffe's Company Working Hand Cream ".
Before i start up with the actual review part i want to share with you my actual skin type.I have dry sensitive skin .I am also a person who washes hands frequently.So as a result i always had very dry and rough hands.I had been trying many hand creams and i finally thought of reviewing this one for you guys.

Price And Availability-  It is available at all the drugstores-Walmart,Walgreens,CVS etc. I picked mine from Walmart for $6.47 for 2.7 oz.

Claims- The Hand cream has certain claims -
  •  Designed to effectively relieve dry hands that crack and split
  • Absolutely odorless
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-greasy
  • Stimulates the skin's natural repair process by hydrating the skin, adjusting pH balance and retaining moisture.
After using for a year i firmly believe that the cream does all that it claims.

Water, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Ammonium Stearate, Ammonium Borate, Dimethicone, Ceteth-10, Laureth-4, Paraffin Wax, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Allantoin, Octyldodecyl Stearate, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate.

Texture- The cream has a thick non-greasy texture and is milky white in color.It is a little solid when u scoop it out but once you rub it in your hands it feels extremely soft and hydrating.

  • I have been using this for a year now and it has made my hands super soft.
  • Also after a while i started using it on my cracked heels and guess what it has made my heels super soft and smooth.I prefer to apply it on my heels and entire feet after bath and i try to keep my feet covered with socks for just half an hour .After just that my heels feel super moisturized and soft to touch.
  • Keeping the fact in mind that it is such an affordable product it works awesome for my long lived unresolved problem of dry hand and cracked heels.

  • The cream comes in a tub packaging which for some may be unhygienic
I absolutely love this cream and totally recommend to all to try it out .

That it for this post,till my next,don't sweat over the small stuff and be happy.


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Friday, January 15, 2016

DUO Lash Glue-Brush On Adhesive with Vitamins Review !!!

Hi Girlz.

Today i am reviewing the 'DUO Lash Glue-Brush On Adhesive with Vitamins'.So lets get into it.

Price And Availability-It is available at almost all the drugstores-CVS,Walgreens ,Walmart etc.I bought mine from CVS for $6.49 for 0.18 oz.

Applicator-It has a brush applicator which makes application quite easy.

Method of use-You just have to brush on the glue on the lash band and then wait for a few seconds for it to get tacky.Then once it gets tacky you can apply the lashes on.

My Observation-It has a runny consistency because of which it often runs down my false lashes hair from the band.The glue dries clear.My main problem with it is i have tried this a number of times and allowed it to be tacky.Still it fails to keep my false lashes on for more than two hours.I bought it because of all the rave reviews i have seen on social media but it failed to live upto my expectations.

Overall,i am highly disappointed with the glue and would not recommend it to anyone.

That's it for this one.Please comment below telling me about your favorite false eyelashes glue as now i am in a hunt for a new one.

Thanks for Stopping by and have a lovely weekend.


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Thursday, January 14, 2016

MakeupBrushes Drying Method-Easy,Budget Friendly,Safe Way !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am back with a quick post on how to dry your brushes on a budget without damaging them .We often lay the brushes on a towel after washing or we tend to make them stand up upside down leaning against a wall.What i observed in both these methods is -

  • In the First Case-laying the brushes on a towel after washing-resulted in some of the water going back in the ferrule of the brush ,thus affecting the glue and in turn loosening the ferrule.Ultimately destroying the brush.
  • In the second case-make them stand up upside down leaning against a wall-all the pressure was coming on the bristles of my brushes ,thus affecting and ruining the bristles.
Ultimately one day i came up this solution.As shown in the picture below i use rubber bands to hold the brushes upside down against a towel drying bar.

I just stretch the rubber-band under the bar and hold the brush in the front end of the band.Then i stretch the other end of the rubber band from behind the bar to go over the brush in the front of the bar,thus holding the brush tightly with the bar in an upside down position.

In this manner i dry my brushes without damaging the bristles or the ferrule of the brushes.
I have been doing this technique at home as well as in hotels when i am travelling. 

That's it for this one,till my next,do let me know if you try this technique in the comments below or tag me on Instagram.

Keep Smiling,

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Best Of Beauty 2015 !!

Hi Girlz,

A very Happy New Year to you all !! This is my first post of 2016 and i thought its best to start with the Beauty Favorites of 2015-The products i have absolutely enjoyed using over and over again in 2015.So without further delay lets get into it.

1.Face Primer-I have not been using any particular primer as such but have been prepping my skin up with my moisturizers.I have been using one with Spf and one without and they are-

  • CeraVe Moisturizing lotion -For A complete review Click here.

  •  Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer with SPF 30

Both these are amazing moisturizers for dry acne prone sensitive skin like mine.I have been using these now for 4 straight years.

2.Foundation-I am on a hunt for some highend foundation that can beat or atleast meet the standards of this foundation that i used almost every single day in 2015.Its the Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation.

It has a light to medium coverage .It is buildable and i love applying it with a makeup sponge as well as a kabuki brush.This gives me a flawless dewy look and does not cling to my dry patches.It lasts for 6 hrs approx.

3.Setting powder-My all time favorite has been the MAC Mineralize Skin finish Natural.It is a very light weight powder which does not cakeup at all and gives such a healthy look to my face without clinging to my dry patches.Love it.

4.Concealers-There are two concealers which i have used for brightening up my under eye.
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in the shade Brightener.

  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.

Both these are great for undereye concealing.They are very light weight and does not dry the undereye area whatsoever.They do not settle into my fine lines.I also use the Fit Me concealer as an eyeshadow primer as it does a great job.

5.Eyeshadows-My Favorite eyeshadow Palette has been the Lorac Pro Palette.This palette has 8 matte's and 8 shimmers and all the shades are super duper pigmemted warm shades.They are super buttery and last on the lid a long time.

I have also been Loving my Colorpop Eyeshadow in the shade Sequin.A complete review and Swatches can been seen by clicking here.

Also towards the end of the year i have really been reaching for my Stillazi Matte eyeshows.I have an indepth review on them.You can click here to check it out.

6.Eyeliner-My go to has been the Loreal Infallible Lacquer Gel eyeliner in the shade Bronze.Its so creamy and pigmented.It comes with a brush that is great to use as well.

7.Face Highliters-I have been reaching for these two the most.
  • Becca shimmering skin perfector in Opal

  • ELF Baked Blush in Pinktastic

Both of these give such a beautiful glow without being overpowering.

8.Blush-Top 2 blushes have been
  • Milani Baked Blush in Rose D'oro

  • Jordana Blush in Rose Silk

9.Bronzer-My most reached bronzer has been The Balm's Bahama Mama.Its great for contouring and that Chiseled look and face definition.

10.Lipsticks-My top 2 are 
  • Milani color Statement Lipstick in shade 29-Teddy Bare

  • Maybelline Matte Lipstick in the shade 660-Touch of Spice

11.Lipgloss-I am a totally lipgloss girl and i wear it almost every single day.My top 2 have been-
  • Milani Lipgloss in Luminous-It such a pretty Nars Orgasum type shade.

  • Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in the shade 07-Big Night Out.

Formula of both of these glosses are very comfortable to wear and they are not sticky at all which i love about them.

13.EyeBrows-I almost forgot eyebrows-lol.I have been loving my ELF Essentials Instant Lift eyebrow pencil and that is all i have been using on my brows.For the complete review please click here 

14.Mascara-My top go to Mascara has been the Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara.It gives my lashes great length and gives it a falsies effect.

15.Setting Spray-I have tried many setting spray's from the drugstore but i always go back to my MAC Fix Plus which is hands down the best for dry skin.It give me skin such a healthy dewy look and i am all about that.It makes my makeup flawless and airbrushed.

That's it for this post,till my next,do let me know in the comments below what have been your favorites.

Thanks for stopping by,


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