Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jeune Paris lip glaze review !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am reviewing the Jeune Paris lip glaze that i bought from Kmart for $3.99 in the shade 'Beach'.

I was intrigued to try this as it looked very similar to Stila Lip Glaze. Below is a picture of both of them,Stila lipglaze and Jeune Lipglaze ,side by side from left to right.

Stila Lip glaze ,as per their website, comes in 23 shades and contains 0.08 fl.oz worth of product .You can click here to see the shades.

Jeune Paris Lip Glaze comes in 4 shades and contains 0.05 fl.oz worth of product.You can click here to see the shades.

You can see that both of them have the same type of 'click pen' design where you rotate the bottom part of the lipglaze and it makes a click sound and then the product can be seen coming out from in between the bristles of the brush tip applicator,which both of them have.

Below is the picture of the stila brush applicator.

Below is the picture of the brush applicator of Jeune Paris Lip Glaze.

This is how the shade 'Beach ' looks of my lips.It gives a sheer tint of color similar to what i get from the stila's.They both have exactly the same texture of gloss,slightly sticky and dry feeling .

Stila Lip glaze has a faint smell whereas Jeune Lip glaze has no smell .

Both of them last only till the first sip of a drink .After that i have to re-apply.

Overall for such an affordable price i really liked the Jeune Lip Glaze and i would definitely call them dupes of each other for the product in them and for their packaging but the shades that i have tried from them are not dupes of each other.

That's it for this one,till my next,forgive and forget and keep smiling.


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