Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams review !!

Hi girlz,

Last weekend i went to kmart and picked up a couple of things as you must have seen in my post for the haul.You can click here to see that post if you missed out on that.

So along with a few other things ,i picked up Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams.That day i could find only three shades on their display and i picked up two shades from left to right (1)Nude Indulgence and (2)Natural Beauty.

I paid $2.99 for each.

Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams are lippies that apply with a glossy finish, and dry to a comfy matte finish.They come in 6 natural and bold shades as per their website.

Out of the two shades i picked up,i only like one of them for my skin tone.The other one looks a little off on me.

This is a lip swatch of Nude Indulgence.

This is a lip swatch of natural Beauty.I am not so fond of this shade.In real life it looks way brighter.

DESIGN -I like the flat design of the tube of these Lip Velvet’s since they don’t take up a lot of space and can lay flat, leaving room in my beauty drawers or travel bags for other beauty product i might want to store or travel with.

ACTUAL product and application- The Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams have a long flat doe-foot applicator that picks up product on both sides making it easy to apply on your lips.With this kind of applicator i feel that it picks up way more product than you actually need.You have to be a little careful while application ,so it does not bleed because of excess product application.I like to apply it to my lower or upper lip and then i just close my lips together for even application.I hope you got what i mean.

This is how the applicator looks ;-

The Lip Creams are pigmented! I can’t believe how saturated in color they are. Love that! They are extremely creamy and not at all tacky but what i do not like is the smell that it has.If you are not bothered about the smell you will love it.

As for longevity, they last a long time. After eating and drinking ,they left a stain on my lips.

Below are some swatches on my arm to give you an idea about the stain it leaves.
On intial application-

Then i rubbed off the shades with a facial tissue and this is how the stain looks-

Then finally i did the soap test (applied soap and water on these swatches ) you can see in the picture below,the stain is still there.

My final opinion:

I agree with the claims on their website that they are creamy, and the colors are bold. Unfortunately, from the two lippies I can only use one.I really love the shade nude indulgence as it looks nice on my skin tone. I’m just glade that the retail value of the Velvet Lip Creams are only $2.99. I’m still tempted to purchase some of the other shades because they are affordable and I really like my experience with --- except the smell.

Overall, I recommend the Velvet Lip Cream in Nude Indulgence. It’s a gorgeous everyday nude .I think you’re going to love it.

Where to buy:

Bonita Colors Velvet Lip Creams are available for purchase at Rite Aid, Kmart, and Bonita Colors .

If you have tried these do share your experience with me in the comments below.I would love that.

Thats all for this one,till my very next, loads of love and stay blessed.