Thursday, January 14, 2016

MakeupBrushes Drying Method-Easy,Budget Friendly,Safe Way !!

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Today i am back with a quick post on how to dry your brushes on a budget without damaging them .We often lay the brushes on a towel after washing or we tend to make them stand up upside down leaning against a wall.What i observed in both these methods is -

  • In the First Case-laying the brushes on a towel after washing-resulted in some of the water going back in the ferrule of the brush ,thus affecting the glue and in turn loosening the ferrule.Ultimately destroying the brush.
  • In the second case-make them stand up upside down leaning against a wall-all the pressure was coming on the bristles of my brushes ,thus affecting and ruining the bristles.
Ultimately one day i came up this solution.As shown in the picture below i use rubber bands to hold the brushes upside down against a towel drying bar.

I just stretch the rubber-band under the bar and hold the brush in the front end of the band.Then i stretch the other end of the rubber band from behind the bar to go over the brush in the front of the bar,thus holding the brush tightly with the bar in an upside down position.

In this manner i dry my brushes without damaging the bristles or the ferrule of the brushes.
I have been doing this technique at home as well as in hotels when i am travelling. 

That's it for this one,till my next,do let me know if you try this technique in the comments below or tag me on Instagram.

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