Friday, September 11, 2015

The Bargains-Part 1 (d ) -Ebay Jewelry Haul !!!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am back to share a bargain haul with you all from Ebay.I am very much into jewelry these days but as usual never wanted to spend a fortune on it so decided to head over to ebay .So After searching for a bit i bought a few pieces that i want to share with you all.

1.I bought this earring which is only for the right ear.I really liked the style and i love wearing it with a plain tank top and a pair of jeans.It looks awesome.I bought this for $0.75.You can click here to see.

2.Then i bought these set of 4 midi rings for $0.74 .Click here to see/buy them.Two of them are plain and two of them have design on them.

3.Then i got 1Pcs Fashion Chain Double Layers Cutting 

Textured - The Knuckle Dual Rings for $ 0.99 .Its a 

chic double ring with a chain in between which connects the 

two rings.Click here to see/buy it.The ring in the front has a 

design and the ring at the back has beautiful rhinestone on it.

4.Then i got this beautiful Hot Fashion Punk Rhinestone

 Double X Knuckle Scroll Armor Joint .Its a beautiful criss 

cross ring with Rhinestone on it for $ 2.25 .There are two 

rings joined together which bend at the knuckle.Click here to 

have see/buy it.

5.I also got Women's Striking Zircon Topaz Silver Plated 

Decor Drop Dangle Chain Earrings.Its a beautiful stud with a 

chain going at the back of the ear for $0.99 .Click here to 

buy/see them.

I really like the quality of all the piece's i got .The only thing 

is that it took three weeks for them to arrive from the order 

date but keeping in mind the price ( and free shipping ) i 

don't mind it.

That's it for this post,hope you guys enjoyed my haul.Till my 

very next,have a great weekend.



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