Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Review And Swatches -Maybelline Newyork Color Show Nailpolish -Navy Narcissist !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i want to share with you all the cheapest and my most favorite nail polish in the color blue.It is the 'Maybelline Newyork Color Show Nailpolish in the color-Navy Narcissist '

Price and Availability-I am on its third bottle right now and i always get it from the dollar tree for $1.

Color-Its a beautiful deep navy blue color with subtle shimmers .Its so pretty i have nothing like this in my collection.

Pigmentation-Its is very pigmented .One coat gives me super opaque color as you can see in the picture's below.Its not streaky at all and is very creamy and easy to apply.Also the best thing about it is it dries super fast.

Lasting power-With a top coat it lasts on my nails for about 3 to 4 days .

All in all,for $1 ,its the best blue shade of nailpolish i own and will continue to buy it.

That's it for my short and sweet post,till my very next,stay healthy.


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  1. I love this shade Rashi.. So vibrant :)

  2. this shade looks good! I use another blue from Color Show - Ladies Night, which i love!..

    1. That's great.. would try the Ladies Night Too.. Thanks for stopping by.. :)