Monday, August 10, 2015

The Bargains -My Beauty Wishlist on a budget !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am writing a post which is a little different from all that i have written till now.Its neither a haul nor a review but a list of the items i am planning to purchase.I love shopping affordable products and i am often headed to ebay for such bargains.The only issue i have is this that i end up ordering from different sellers from ebay and then i have to worry about tracking different sellers for different products.

So i have been searching for a single website where i can purchase small affordable stuff .After searching for a while i found this website called ''.You can click here to have a look.

So here is a list of the things that i have been wanting to order or should i say my 'WISHLIST' -

1.Dotting Tools for Nail Art- These days i am really inclined towards nail art stuff and i am just a beginner in this.So i really wanted to try some affordable dotting tools for trying some cool nail art.I really liked these dual ended nail art dotting tools for just $ 1.54 .It looks well made but will try these and let you know how they work.Click here to have a look.

2.Benjabelle Brush Drying Tree 'Dupe'-I have been so wanting to try this brush drying tree but i never wanted to spend $34.95 ,for which this brush tree retails for.So i was looking for a 'dupe ' for this and i found this amazing 'Brush drying tool' which looks very similar to the 'Benjabelle Brush Drying Tree' and retails for a fraction of price for $10.34 (updated ).Click here to have a look.

3.Disposable Mascara wands-I found a set of 50Pcs of disposable Mascara wands for just $ 2.29.I always keep these with me as i like brushing my lashes with these after applying mascara .This is a great way to take off any excess mascara from your eyelashes and also make them clump free.I practically use it every time i apply mascara .Also they are great from a sanitary point of view. I also use them sometimes on my eyebrows.Click here to have a look.

4. Eyeshadow Brushes-I have been wanting to try the 'Sigmax Precision Kit of 5 brushes ' from Sigma beauty which retail for 
$72 but no way could i convince myself for spending that amount of money on makeupbrushes.So i was looking for similar brushes and i found these 5 piece eyeshadow brushes from dresslink which looked so very similar to the Sigma beauty brushes for $1.74.Obviously i wanted to get them to know how well they performed.So i added them to to my Wishlist.Click here to have a look.

5.Midi Rings-The other thing i liked about this website is that they had jewelry and clothes as well .So just to see their quality i thought of ordering the smallest jewelry in their shop.So i am planning to order some midi rings,which are really in fashion these days.I found on their website a set of 12 pcs Midi rings for $1.92.Now that's what i call a bargain.Click here to have a look.

As soon as i get all this stuff,i will be trying them out and will definitely share my thoughts on the quality and performance of each (Coz you guys now that's what i love doing ).I hope all my reviews are helping you girlz to find good quality products at affordable prices.

That's it for this one,till my very next,always remember you don't have to spend a fortune to look good.


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  1. Nice wishlist. I ll check it out. Amazing stuff.

    1. Thank u soo much Tanya for stopping by.. :)

  2. Nice wishlist Rashi.. I would also like to buy midi rings :)

  3. I came across through one of the the utubers and im excited to give it a try.. Likewise i also felt soo excited when i saw their dreses hahahah probably liked everything i saw.. I almost selected 7-8 dreses and moved into cart but when im ready to checkout i saw the shipping price nd its equal to the dress cost lol so i canelled everything... Btw very nice collection rashi

    1. Yup i agree their shipping is a little on the higher side .Once i get all these things i will certainly review whether its worth it or Not coz if you get a dupe for the Brush tree then i totally think its worth it..Thanks for stopping by hun.. :)