Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review And Swatches- Maybelline Nail Polish-804-Plum As You Are and Santee Nail Art Pen !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i have a very interesting 2 in 1 post  to share.Its a combined review of the Maybelline nailpolish in 'Plum As You Are' and the 'Santee Nail art Pen in white' i got from Daiso Japan Store (click here to see my haul) .

Price -I got the Maybelline Nailpolish for just $1 from the dollar tree and the Nailart pen from Daiso Japan Store for $1.50 .

Color-The Maybelline Nailpolish is in the shade 804-Plum As You Are.Its a very dark shade of plum as the name suggests.Its has brownish red undertones to it and leans more towards blackish plum.Its more of a fall color but for me i like to wear all shades of color throughout the year.

Product-The Maybelline Nailpolish goes on nicely but you have to put two coats for a nice opaque finish.It dries super fast and that's what i like about these nailpolishes.From the Picture's you can see that with just one coat the opaqueness is not what i wanted for a perfect manicure so i applied the second coat.

This is the look after the second coat.

Then i thought of using my Santee Nail art pen in the color white.For testing purposes i thought of doing the simplest nail art with dots all over on one finger and then straight line dots on others and this is how it turned out.I must say that the tip of the nail art pen is very fine and on a little pressure on the tube it dispenses just the right amount of product.

It has a pin on the tip for security so that the product does not  leak when it is not in use.I really like that.

And this is what my completed nail art looks like !

I am super impressed by this pen.It also has a striper brush which i will be using in my future posts with a different color.

Overall,for the price,both the Nailpolish and the Nail art pen are amazing .Particularly i am super impressed with the Nail Art pen.

That's it for this post,till my next,Stay happy Coz that's what counts at the end of the day !


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  1. Lovely nail art. I was not aware that Dollar Tree stocks Maybelline. Will check it next time. You have beautiful nails. Mine are fragile.

  2. Beautiful nail art dear :) Nail art pen is just awesome..