Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review and Swatches of the Ellefar Princess Chiffon Eyeshadow Quad !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am sharing my thoughts on the 'Ellefar Princess Chiffon Eyeshadow Quad' that i bought from Daiso Japan Store in my haul.If you want to see my haul you can click here.

Price- I got this for $1.50 from Daiso Japan Store.

Packaging-It has super cute packaging as you can see in the pictures.The only thing i don't like about is that the eyeshadow colors have no name.Also the Company name is printed on the plastic packaging only.Once you rip it off the actual eyeshadow quad has no name on it.

Product-It comes with a sponge tip applicator which is larger on one end than the other end.I really like it for putting the highlighting shades in the inner corner of my eyes.

The quad has all shimmery eyeshadows.Top left to right we have a white color and a creamy champagne color.Bottom left to right we have Bronze color and a grey color with blue undertones.
All the colors are soft to touch but the top two are a little chalky for my liking.
Also the top two colors are not that pigmented but the bottom two are pigmented and are my favorite in this quad.
All the colors are easily blendable .They last on the lids with a primer for about 4 to 5 hours.

All in all its a decent quad for the price you pay but obviously not a must have.

That's it for this short and sweet review,till my next,stay healthy and happy.


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