Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Bargains -Part1(b)-Ebay beauty bargains -Jessup Makeup Brushes !!!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am sharing with you all , another bargain from Ebay - 'Jessup Makeup Brushes'.

I have been using these for the past year and a half now .Lets get into the details of these Brushes .Jessup Makeup brushes are made of synthetic bristles.I have three brushes from them-

  • The powder brush-Its a dome shaped brush.As the name implies , i use it for powder,all over my face.

  • Large stippling brush-It has two toned bristles.I often use it for applying foundation ,for cream blushes and bronzers.

  • Angled brush- I use this for applying powder blushes and contouring with powders.

I totally believe that you can use makeup brushes for any purpose that you want and you totally don't have to stick with the category they are labeled into.To say ,i often use the angled blush brush for contouring purposes and it totally does a great job.These brushes are not labelled for specific purposes.They just have the company name imprinted on them.

Price and Availablity-These brushes are super affordable.I bought only these three brushes from ebay way back for $2 each with free shipping but now they are sold in bundles .I have searched a link for you guys.If you wanna have a look or you want to buy you can click here to see different options.Otherwise you can simply type in Jessup makeup brushes on ebay and see your options.

Quality -These brushes are of excellent quality.The Bristles are super soft and the brushes are fairly dense.Comparing them with the drugstore brushes i own from Elf and Real techniques , i feel the bristles of these brushes are just as soft and they perform similarly and are cheaper.I have washed these brushes countless times and they have never shed on washing or on makeup application.

Application-They apply the makeup flawlessly and feel super soft on the skin.They definitely serve the intended purpose. 

Con-Since they are shipped from China,it usually takes about three weeks to arrive but for the quality and the price i totally don't mind that.

So by now you know already that i totally recommend these brushes.

If you guys plan to give these brushes a try do let me know how you feel about them.

That's it for this post,Till my very next,do good and be good.

Stay Healthy and Keep Smiling,

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