Tuesday, December 1, 2015

ITCosmetics Live Beauty Fully all over powder brush Dupe !!!!

Hi Girlz,

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving weekend.Today i have got a very interesting brush dupe for you all.From a long time i have been wanting to try the " ITCosmetics Live beauty fully all over powder brush" ,available at Ulta for $40 ,because i like the fact that its huge and covers a larger area at one time and its soft too.But considering the price i was not convinced to spend so much on just one brush as you all know that i am all about affordable brushes.So i found a great dupe for it from ebay .You can click here to see the ebay listing.

ITCosmetics Brush Pic

Pictures of the Brush from Ebay

I would say that this brush is a hair to hair dupe for the It cosmetics brush.Even though i do not own the ITCosmetics brush, i have touched that brush several times at Ulta and the bristles of this ebay one are just as soft.

The ebay brush works great in applying powder foundation and i have been using this brush for over a month now.This brush comes with the similar king of plastic brush protector as the ITcosmetics one and has the same print on the brush "Live Beauty Fully" but it does not have the logo of ITCosmetics (obviously ).The make of the brush is very sturdy and i have washed it several times and it has not shed .

Price for the ebay brush-$2.99 + $3.99(shipping)

which is way way less than the ITCosmetics one ($40)

Rating -9/10 ( i would love to give it 10/10 but i am deducting a point only due to the fact that it takes 3 weeks to reach ,which is the case for all ebay purchases.)

All in all i would totally recommend this brush to you all.Its totally worth it.

That's it for this one,till my next,enjoy the holiday season.


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