Monday, November 2, 2015

Evian® Facial Spray Giveaway hosted by 'The Wilkes Group' !!

Hi Girlz,

Today i am here with another giveaway hosted by 'The 

Wilkes Group' .They are giving away "Le Pliage" backpack, 

in stylish, durable, water-resistant nylon topped with a 

textured leather handle and logo-embossed flap, which 

retails at $125. It is filled with one 10 oz., one 5 oz., and a 

trio of travel-size evian® sprays (over $175.00 total value) .

Also three runners-up will receive a Longchamp pochette 

toiletries case, with embossed leather trim in durable, water-

resistant nylon, accented with goldtone hardware, which 

retails at $50, and filled with a trio of travel size evian sprays 

(over $70.00 total value) .

I want to highlight this again that this Giveaway is hosted by 

The Wilkes Group Inc. and not evian®.

Please enter this giveaway by clicking here 

Highlights of the 'Evian® Facial Spray'

The exquisitely fine mist produced by evian® Brumisateur® 

penetrates and rehydrates the upper layers of the skin. 

Evian® water has a unique mineral balance along with 

exceptional purity which suits all skin types, even the most 

sensitive. Leaves skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed. 

Dermatologically tested. The leak-proof canister is the ideal 

product to take on-the-go in any purse or travel bag. Unlike 

other water sprays, Evian Spray is sealed at the source, so 

it can not be contaminated.

To know more about Evian® Facial Spray please 


That's it for this one,till my next, i wish all of you good luck 

to win this giveaway !!